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Technology is, in our view, the way to differentiate and move forward in the complexity nowadays. In here a few of our stories and how we helped our clients building the next generation systems to support their business.

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“With Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities built within the platform, Siemens is now able to detect malware in near real-time thereby reducing the risk of information leaks.”

Jan Pospisil – Head of Artificial Intelligence and Security Analytics, Siemens

“One of the best decisions we made was in bringing in the Marionete team.”

Carolyn Brown, Head of Delivery: Data Analytics & Modelling, Bank of England

“From developing data-driven applications to rolling out a complete cloud infrastructure to delivering training to ETF securities existing Data team, ‘ETF’ are able to better manage business operations more cost-effectively and efficiently.”

Greg Osinaike, Head of IT Europe, ETF Securities (Wisdom Tree)

Our Services
Value-Driven Advisory

Roadmaps and Frameworks to highlight “the art of the possible”, inspiring customers to innovate more.

Accelerated Architectures

Tried and tested platform blueprints and architectures to help de-risk and accelerate solution delivery.

Rapid Solution Delivery

Our agile dev teams will help you assemble your technical stack and rapidly realise value from data.

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