Data-Centric Security, Governance and Encryption for Apache Kafka at Scale

June 2, 2020, 2:00pm – 3:00pm BST

Confluent, SecuPi & Marionete Online Talk


As businesses unite around Apache Kafka® as the single source of truth and Confluent Platform as the organisation’s central nervous system, enabling data-centric security and governance features becomes crucial. Don’t miss ‘Data Security, Governance & Encryption at Scale’, an online talk in which speakers from Confluent, SecuPi and Marionete will discuss the things you must absolutely get right for data protection and privacy when using Apache Kafka and Confluent KSQL.

Join us on Tuesday June 2nd at 2.00 pm London time to learn more about:

1. Must-have data-centric security and GDPR/CCPA privacy requirements of streaming large scale near real time (NRT) data
2. How to classify, monitor, audit and encrypt (with Hold Your Own Key – HYOK)/mask/filter sensitive data flows for Kafka and Confluent KSQL using SecuPi Data-Centric Platform
3. How Confluent Platform and SecuPi integrate with Mationete expert services for end to end data protection and privacy compliance capabilities for Kafka implementations

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Confluent Streaming Event

8 November 2019 | London, UK

Marionete will be sponsoring and presenting a customer success story at the Confluent Streaming Event in London, as part of Confluent’s Streaming Event series. The event, providing a deeper understanding of Confluent’s real-time event streaming technology is being held on 8th November, at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel.

Find out how companies are using Event Streaming for disruptive business models and platform modernisation. Marionete will be exhibiting and also speaking alongside its customer, Saxo Bank, presenting a case study on Saxo Bank’s initiative for Data Platform Modernisation for Self-Service Data Provision.

Internet of Supply Chain, DE

9-10 October 2019 | Berlin, Germany

The Internet of Supply Chain conference gives leading supply chain and logistics professionals the insight required to harness the power of IoT, automation and data-driven innovations & transform supply chain management.

If you are looking to understand how Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionising the Supply Chain, how to apply Blockchain within the context of Supply Chain management, or are looking to unify your data and bring transparency to your Supply Chain  – then join Marionete at the Internet of Supply Chain on 9-10 October, 2019, in Berlin.

Marionete will be exhibiting alongside its Knowledge Graph technology partner Stardog, who who will be presenting a case study, alongside Ericcson, on “E2E Digital Collaboration with the Internet of Logistics”, on harnessing the internet, the power of linked semantic data.

Knowledge Graph - Roundtable-image (CopKnowledge Graph Roundtable

15 May 2019 | London, UK

The opportunity to monetize information and extract real-time, trusted contextual data relevant for each interaction has always been the jewel in the IT crown.

Data Lakes are beginning to struggle. Everyone has Cloud and On Prem, along with Microservices, structured and unstructured data, and a proliferation of data silos. It is a situation that begs for orchestration. Knowledge Graph is the missing piece of the enterprise jigsaw that is needed.

You Are Invited

  • Attend this CXO Dinner to understand why Gartner included Knowledge Graph on its Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn how companies are accelerating insights & gaining fast ROI from data silos with Knowledge Graph without the need of expensive data lakes.
  • Join 15-20 colleagues for drinks and an elegant, sit down dinner in London. Learn from a panel of industry peers such as Dow Jones, who are already implementing Knowledge Graph use cases.

Join Us

  • Jonathan Doan, VP, Stardog
  • Raul Coutinho Garrido, CTO, Marionete
  • CTOs, CIOs, CDOs
  • Knowledge Graph experts

Wednesday 15th May, 2019 – 6.30pm, London.

Internet of Manufacturing UK

14-15 May 2019 | Farnborough, UK

Join Marionete and 300+ Manufacturing attendees at the Internet of Manufacturing in Farnborough on 14-15 May for the UK’s leading Industrial IoT event for manufacturers.

Hear use cases from industry leaders and innovators implementing Industry 4.0 initiatives, including Advanced Manufacturing, Delivering on the Digital Factory, IIOT Adoption, as well as a new track dedicated to Supply Chain Made Smarter.

Marionete will be joined by its Knowledge Graph partner, Stardog, at the event. Stardog’s Knowledge Graph platform enables fast and flexible data unification so you can query, analyze, and uncover hidden insights. Stardog is trusted by top brands across the world including Ericsson, Bosch and NASA.

Marionete will be exibiting and speaking alongside Stardog at the event.

Click here to register for the event on 14-15 May. Pop by our stand to discuss your Industry 4.0 strategy and discover how data unification, data virtualisation and data innovation will can support it.

Internet of Manufacturing, A Roadmap To Industrial IoT

05-07 February 2019 | Westin Munich, Germany

Industry 4.0 requires a smarter manufacturing sector. Opportunities abound for those that innovate and whose data estates and ecosystems are prepared to unlock the transformative power of IoT.

Marionete will be partnering, sponsoring and speaking alongside Arcadia Data, whose products set the new standard for analytics on data lakes with no data movement, massive scale, and unequalled user concurrency.

Raul Coutinho Garrido of Marionete and Duncan Paul of Arcadia will be providing a key presentation on “The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and how streaming and parallel BI will power it.” Raul and Duncan will discuss IoT and Digital Twins and how streams of IoT data must be managed appropriately to predict manufacturing, vehicle, building and device systems performance.

Raul Garrido will also be participating on the panel: “Exploring the true value behind the AI hype” discussing what Artificial Intelligence means in the context of manufacturing and how it can be best deployed.

Click here to register for the event on 5th to 7th Febraury, 2019 and be sure to pop by to see us at our stand.

Internet of Banking and Payments

20th – 21st Novemmber 2018 // London, UK

Marionete will be attending the Internet of Banking and Payments, a show dedicated to addressing issues that are preventing the widespread implementation of IoT payments. Having worked with many FinTech and Financial Services firms and specialising in all that it IoT, it’s only natural that Marionete are attending, delivering our experitise on the subject matter at hand.

Are you interested in leveraging IoT, AI and Blockcahin technology to deliver value to your organisation? Then click here to register for the event and come to visit our stand- we hope to see you there!

Internet of Things Build – Network to Edge

13th – 14th Novemmber 2018 // Olympia, London, UK

Marionete will be attending the 3rd Annual IoT Build Summit at Olympia, London, looking at The IoT Stack & Ecosystem and providing enterprises with a clear roadmap to IoT implementation and ROI for organisations. The show brings together four pillars to IoT adoption: IoT Architecture, Connectivity, Security and Edge computing.

Are you interested in leveraging IoT, AI and Blockcahin technology to deliver value to your organisation? Then click here to register for the event and come visit our stand- we hope to see you there!

DSPT Day 2018

6th October 2018 // Porto, Portugal

The DSPT Day is a conference organised by Data Scientists for Data Scientists. The conference is dedicated exclusively to topics related with Data Science, bringing together professionals, companies, trainers and enthusiasts of related fields.

At the event, one of our Lead Cloud Engineers, Carlos Rodrigues, will be speaking about his experiences as a Data Scientist and the projects he has worked on whilst at Marionete. Carlos will deliver a live case study, detailing how Marionete has been working with a large well-known multinational to solve this particular issue.

Click here to register for the event- we hope to see you there!

Spark + AI Summit Europe

2nd – 4th October 2018 // London, UK

The “Spark + AI Summit Europe” looks at the unification of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) given each work so closely in tandem. The conference will cover data engineering and data science content along with best practices for productionising AI: keeping training data fresh with stream processing, monitoring quality, testing, and serving models at massive scale.

At the event, one of our Lead Cloud Engineers, Carlos Rodrigues, will be speaking about “A Next Generation Data Platform for Cyber Security”. His talk will address the challenge organisations’ Cyber Defence Departments face having to reinvent their defence mechanisms to keep up with new threats; particularly given the regular SIEM systems currently in use were not designed to deal with the enormous volumes of data nor to make use of artificial intelligence (AI). Carlos will deliver a live case study, detailing how Marionete has been working with for a large well-known multinational to solve this particular issue.

Click here to register for the event- we hope to see you there!

Spark + AI Summit Europe

6th – 7th September 2018 // Lisbon, Portugal

INSIGHTS 2018 focused on the most emerging and leading edge technology in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and bought together tech companies, leading enterprises, business leaders, investors and the most brightest brains from all over the world!

At the event, one of our Lead Cloud Engineers, Carlos Rodrigues, spoke about “Cyber Security: Bringing AI to the fight”. Carlos delivered a live case study, detailing how Marionete has been working with for a large well-known multinational to improve cyber security.

Internet of Insurance

4th – 5th September 2018 // London, UK

The Internet of Insurance is Europe’s leading forum exploring how IoT and emerging technologies are enabling insurers and reinsurers to streamline process, achieve new insights for risk profiling and offer new ‘cross-industry’ services premised on preventing incidents. This is the third annual conference and is building on 2017’s successful conference.

Marionete exhibited at the conference delivering insight into how data technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Blockchain are set to play an important part in the Insurance Industry by minimising risk, preventing claims and improving customer experience.

The Internet of Manufacturing

5th – 6th June 2018 // London, UK

The Made Smarter Review highlighted the potential for an Industrie 4.0 revolution in the U.K. Over 10 years industrial digitalisation could boost UK manufacturing by £455bn, increasing sector growth up to 3% per year, and creating a net gain of 175,000 jobs whilst reducing CO2 emissions by 4.5%.

The Internet of Manufacturing looks at the Internet of Things within the Manufacturing space and how companies can take advantage of these technologies to remain competitive, integrate existing and new data techniques and ultimately, increase profit margins.

Marionete exhibited at the conference as a Silver Sponsor and joined conversations around optimising the benefits data and IoT tech can bring.

Marionete AWS Meetup

29th May 2018 // Marionete’s Offices, Lisbon, Portugal

Marionete hosted a Meetup in Lisbon, whereby our Data Scientist Carlos Rodrigues presented on “Building a Serverless Data Lake”. This session focused on applying Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to build a serverless Data Lake, how this may be done and the benefits for any company doing so.

As with all of our MeetUps, we benefit from audience participation and like to hear about your experiences and stories on similar topics. If there are any topics that you would like to see addressed in the fifth edition of this Meetup, or is you would equally like to present something at the meeting, please get in touch.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you there! Click here to register for the event!

The Internet of Supply Chain

15th – 16th May 2018 // Berlin, Germany

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to disrupt traditional supply chain operations as we know them. The Internet of Supply Chain conference, in Berlin, aims to provide the expertise in IoT technologies which will enable companies to reduce costs, create transparency, deliver value and improve efficiency.

Marionete exhibited at the conference and our  CTO, Raul Coutinho Garrido, spoke discussing the latest data innovations on the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and how these technologies can be implemented with respect to Supply Chain Management.

Forum RH

15th  May 2018 // Lisbon, Portugal

The 4th industrial revolution brings new challenges to people in management, making it essential to adapt to new work contexts and define strategies for the future of work and HR …  Are you ready for the Industrial Revolution 4.0?

Experience is the Way – HR Conference

14th – 15th March 2018 // Centro Congressos Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

The Estoril Congress Centre, Lisbon, once again, played host to ‘Experience is the way’ conference. There were be discussions and debates around strategies, policies and vital issues that Portuguese Human Resource professionals face daily.

Marionete attended the conference, gaining valuable knowledge and know-how in the HR sector.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Meetup
From Zero to Production – Mistakes and Lessons Learnt

1st March, 7pm, Quinta-Feira, Lisbon, Portugal

Marionete, in partnership with Rumos, hosted a Meetup in Lisbon on Amazon Web Services “From Zero to Production – Mistakes and Lessons Learnt”.

Our Senior Data Engineer and AWS expert Paulo Mauricio, spoke along with OutSystem’s Rogério Machado.

Paulo spoke about the “Step by step process on how Marionete scaled a data-intensive application with AWS managed services”. The event was well attended and participants came away with a deeper understanding of AWS technology.

Data Science Unplugged

9th February  2018 // Lisbon, Portugal

Data Science Unplugged (DSup) is a community for everyone who is on the journey to becoming a data scientist or keen on learning and sharing knowledge about statistics and data science. On the 9th February, DSup are putting on a full day event on Data Science in Practice in Lisbon.

One of our leading consultants, Carlos Rodrigues, will be speaking at the event on ‘The Different Challenges from Different Industries’, having carried out a variety of challenging data projects at Marionete.

The goal is to help students in the transition from academia into their professional life. The emphasis will be on Statistics in “Data Science”. The focus will be to answer Questions that lead to some Decisions based on the “Data Science” process via statistical analysis.

Click here to register!

Internet of Manufacturing

6th – 7th February  2018 // Munich, Germany

‘The Internet of Manufacturing’ Conference is now in its third year and is Europe’s leading event for the fast growing and business critical Industrial Internet of Things sector. With over half of all production processes now using IoT and most manufacturers now planning how to embed smart devices or intelligence into products, companies are already reporting increased productivity and profitability.

Marionete will be speaking at the conference and exhibiting as a gold sponsor.

Click here to register for the event. We hope to see you there!

Transform Europe

6th December  2017 // The Savoy, London


Transform Europe is hosting a session looking into ‘How analytics can support the creation of new services?’. The session will end with a panel debate, in which Raul Coutinho, Marionete’s CTO, will be speaking.

We hope to see you there!

Internet of Banking and Payments

21st – 23rd November  2017 // Canary Wharf, London

‘The Internet of Banking and Payments’ Conference is the only event out there that focuses on the importance of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) as the future of Banking and Payments.

Marionete will be speaking at the conference and exhibiting as a gold sponsor.

We hope to see you there!

Internet of Aviation 2nd Annual Conference

7th – 8th November  2017 // Heathrow Airport, London

‘The Internet of Aviation’ Conference is the only event out there that focuses on the importance of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) as the future of the aviation industry.

The conference is in its second year and will be looking at how the IoT is influencing the Aviation Industry. More predominantly, how data within the industry can be monetised but also how technology can be used to harness efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Marionete will be attending as a Gold sponsor and will be speaking on how AI can be used for predictive maintenance.

We hope to see you there!

RegTech Markets: Spotlight Awards

6th November  2017 // Moorgate, London

Marionete are proudly sponsoring this year’s RegTech Markets Spotlight Awards, celebrating the world’s best and brightest RegTech companies.

Fifty of the world’s most exciting RegTech firms have demonstrated the power and potential of their solutions to the RegTech Forum’s 30 experts, who have reviewed and scored each submission in 7 categories.

We hope to see you there!

GDPR Compliance: Burden or benefit?

A breakfast event with CAPCO and Marionete

27th September 2017 // London

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most sweeping pieces of legislation, strengthening existing EU data protection laws and ultimately changing the way in which companies collect, store and process their data. The regulation will come into effect on the 25th May 2018- is your company GDPR compliant?

Capco and Marionete ran a breakfast seminar – “GDPR Compliance: Burden or Benefit?”. This focused on how firms can solve the issues GDPR compliance creates, and how this new regulation can be used as an opportunity.

Marionete’s CTO, Raul Coutinho and CEO, Adrian Gumbley, presentedalongside Capco’s representatives, to deliver an innovative, interactive session surrounding the GDPR.

Are you GDPR ready?

A GDPR and Financial Regulation event in Lisbon- hosted by Marionete, Cloudera and Microsoft


26th September 2017 // Lisbon

From the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced strengthening existing laws and unifying the way companies across the European Union collect, process and store data forever. With potential fines of up to 4% of company’s turnover, there is a significant impact for non-compliance.

Marionete, Microsoft and Cloudera partnered to deliver the seminar “GDPR- are you GDPR ready?”

During this seminar we focused on the challenges that companies face as a result of General Data Protection, how companies may be able to take advantage of the legislation and ultimately how to become GDPR ready.

If you would like more information on what was presented, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Is your company GDPR ready?

18th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence


5-8th September 2017 // Porto

AI is undoubtedly becoming a commodity in the business world and used effectively, it can help companies to increase productivity and reduce costs. On the 5th-8th September, Marionete attended the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Porto, Portugal. The conference delivered greater insight and discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Carlos Rodrigues, one of Marionete’s data scientists, attended as part of the Programme Committee amongst other honourable professionals and helped to deliver insight into the latest AI tends. Topics up for discussion included ‘How AI is applied to business, industry and The Government’, ‘Solutions based on AI in cooperation with other technologies’ and ‘The social impact of AI’.


Second Lambda PT Meetup

2nd May 2017 // Lisbon

On 2nd May, Marionete took part in the ‘Second Lambda PT Meetup’ whereby our Big Data expert, Ricardo Miranda, who spoke about Genetic Algorithms (GA) and gave a demonstration of its application through a Scala Demo. Rui Filipe Barreiro was the second speaker and delivered a seminar on ‘Dependently Typed UI’.

Apache Kafka Meetup

19th April 2017 // Lisbon

On 19th April, Marionete hosted the first ever Apache Kafka Meetup at our offices in Lisbon. Ben Stopford, an architect and engineer at Confluent, began the seminar introducing Kafka and what it has to offer. The presentation and live demonstration was delivered by our own Big Data expert David Navalho. All those who attended the Meetup gained great insight into the Confluent enterprise products and its uses within data driven environments.

Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference 2017-

30th March 2017 // London

Gaining insight into customer behaviour using analytics has always been of paramount interest to companies. However, as the volume, variety and value of data grows, few organisations are fully equipped to implement effective data strategies.

Marionete exhibited at the Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference in London. Two of our data scientists, Carlos Rodrigues and Isabel Castilho represented Marionete at the conference and delivered insight into how companies are able to boost business using the latest Data Science and DevOps. The event took place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London and was a great success.

16th Edition HR Buzz- Power To people

30th March 2017 // Lisbon

Our Human Resources Director, Vanda Fernandes, spoke at the ’16th Edition HR Buzz’ on how Marionete retain our IT talents when they are particularly in demand from the market: from salary to recognition, innovative working environment and usage of disruptive technologies in the recruitment process.

IBM Big Data Bootcamp-Partners’ Event

8th/9th March 2017 // Lisbon

Marionete pride ourselves, not only on the exceptional calibre of our consultants but also on our impressive partner network. We have deep relationships with some of the biggest and brightest names in the sector- IBM being one of them.

Some of Marionete’s experts participated in a 2-day bootcamp which delivered on IBM’s Big Data solutions. They were able to go deeper into an understanding of ‘Apache Hadoop’ including Big SQL, Big Insights, Text Analytics, macheine learning and streams’ processing. Sara Magalhães, João Neves, Pedro Jesus, Tomás Fartaria and Jorge Vieira were those who attended.

The two day boot camp, we were provided with big insight for hdfs storage, big SQL for querying structured data, streams for streaming processes and a little hands on in their Data Science Experience tool with Spark.” (testimonial from one of our attendees).

Cloudera Services Enablement Bootcamp-Partners’ Event

6th-10th March 2017 // Madrid

Marionete’s Big Data expert, José Valle Flor and DevOps specialist, Ricardo Henriques, proudly signed up for Cloudera’s bootcamp for five day s of intensive training. Both José and Ricardo were faced with hands-on challenges and learnt about the latest developments and enhancements Cloudera had to deliver to the market. The training took place in the PUE facilities in Madrid.

“It was an intense experience which successfully emulated the pressure of installing a cluster in a client site (complete with changing requirements and erroneous internet connection). I’m glad to have participated! ” (testimonial from our attendees)

Data Science Portugal-From Deep Learning to Data Science in the wild…wait…what??

21st February 2017 // Porto

Our Data Scientist, Carlos Rodrigues, attended the Data Science Portugal Meetup held in Porto. Speakers were Luís Sarmento (former Lead Research Teams, Amazon) and Jaime Cardoso (Associate Professor at FEUP and Lead, INESC). All who attended provided great feedback of the event.

Neo4j Meetup-Neo4j Graph Database: From zero to hero in 90 mins

25th January 2017 // Lisbon

Marionete hosted the Neo4j Meetup with Stefan Kolmar (Neo4J’s Director of Field Engineering for the EMEA region) as a key speaker. Stefan used cases for different industries and spoke about the advantages of having different Databases.

Number of participants: 40+

First Lisbon Apache Spark Meetup-Marionete Event

6th December 2016 // Lisbon

As organisers of the First Lisbon Apache Spark Meetup, Marionete invited Tathagata Das (Lead Streaming Engineer) from Databricks, to share his insights on the Apache Spark: Structured Streaming new API. Carlos Rodrigues and Raul Ferreira hosted the event.

Number of participants: 50

Marionete Think Data Science Meetup

9th November 2016 // Lisbon

Marionete held the first ever Think Data Science Meetup. Pouya Yousefi (Lead Machine Learning Engineer) from our partner network, Dataiku, spoke on ‘DSS Intro’ and delivered a live ‘Kaggle’ demonstration. Two of our own Data Scientists, Rufo Severino and Isabella Castillo, discussed the data science solutions which exist in the market with the use-case “Can we detect an ISIS member from his tweets?”.

Number of participants: 29