Using data to get closer to your customers, minimise risk and develop a competitive edge has become business imperative. However, as the volume, variety and value of data increases, few organisations are fully equipped to implement effective data strategies and deliver successful data projects.

Marionete provide highly skilled teams to help our clients get the most out of their data. Using Data Science and  Big Data, our specialist teams work with clients to monetise data, meet regulation and provide customer insights.

We provide a variety of services to best meet your data project needs:

  • Value-Driven Advisory
  • Accelareted Architeture
  • Rapid Solution Delivery

Each clients’ data project is different and we are able to tailor our services to meet your needs.  At Marionete, we are locked into the delivery of your project to ensure that we help you to achieve your aims and business goals from your data.

Value-Driven Advisory


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Accelerated Architecture

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Rapid Solution Delivery

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As a specialist in Data Science, Big Data and AI disruptive technologies Marionete is uniquely positioned to not only provide the experience that will help you deliver your project but also ensure a long-lasting legacy for your organisation.

You can take advantage of our world-class knowledge. Please use our direct contacts to reach us enquires@marionete.co.uk