Confluent Consulting and SI Partner – Marionete Achieves Preferred Partner Status

Confluent consulting partner

Marionete is delighted to announce that it has achieved Preferred Partner status as a Confluent Consulting and SI partner. In building responsive, scalable, real-time digital platforms for a number of FTSE 100 organisations over the last few years, Marionete has seen significant enterprise demand for Apache Kafka and Confluent solutions. It’s ability to ingest data at speed as well as its connectors to many other applications, means that it is being used in more and more use cases, whether that’s for trading, or for IoT Sensor Data Analytics.

Data is now focused around the event, on the action, both now and in the past – whether that’s an order, clicking a buy button, or a sensor reading. The faster those events occur, the higher the velocity of data and the need for high performance tools to be able to process and analyse the data. Solutions such as Kafka and Confluent offer massively increased digital agility.

Confluent, and its Open Source model, Kafka, are the leading the way in solving this problem.

“Event streaming data is becoming ever more critical to businesses as they progress to becoming modern digital organisations,” said Sarah O’Donoghue, Partner Relationship Manager of Marionete. “Confluent, as a leading technology provider in this space, enables us to offer wider, high performance solutions to our customers who are choosing new, best-of-breed technologies to help them extract more value from their data and to help drive digital transformation. It is important that they find best-of-breed consulting partners to deliver these solutions.

This is where Marionete comes in. Our consultants are Confluent Certified, building on their existing experience in delivering streaming solutions. We offer a full suite of Kafka Consulting and Confluent Consulting Services from Streaming Assessments through to Event Streaming Platform implementation and support. We are already responding to increased demand.”


About Confluent
The Confluent Platform is a streaming data platform that leverages the proven capabilities of Apache Kafka to make all of your data available as realtime streams. It enables you to easily organize large amounts of data into a well-managed, unified stream data platform for your organization, which can be used for a wide variety of realtime as well as batch operational and analytical purposes. With the Confluent Platform, you can focus more time on deriving business value from your data, and worry less about figuring out how to to move data around in your organization. To learn more, please visit www.confluent.io.

About Marionete
Marionete is one of Europe’s leading specialists delivering expertise in the commercial application of Artificial Intelligence, Big, Fast and High Performance Data. We apply Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning tools to enhance analytical processes, monetise data, and improve organisational decision making. For a more detailed conversation about our Confluent partnership feel free to contact Sarah on sarah.odonoghue@marionete.co.uk

Sam Thomsett