How Does Your Customer Interact With You?

How Does Your Customer Interact With You?


Most can agree that two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two and even, four heads are better than three; however, what happens when one head isn’t speaking to the others? What if there is a miscommunication and each of them tells you contradicting information?

Organisations are constantly generating huge amounts of data from their customers and it’s not uncommon for them to hold multiple accounts and transaction records for the same customer. This data is often collected at multiple touch points along the customer journey, stored in incongruent formats and in different data storage platforms.

With the proliferation of data continuing to grow, how do organisations not only stay on top of their data, but also gain value from the data they are collecting? How do they obtain a complete 360˚ view of the same customer, when multiple accounts and customer interactions are disparate? What organisations need is one head, one place, where the data can be organised, merged, the relationships mapped and, ultimately, analysed; what organisations need is a ‘Single Customer View’ (SCV).

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