Knowledge Graph Whitepaper – Modernising the Approach to Data Access

Knowledge Graph Whitepaper: Modernising the Approach to Data Access.


The opportunity to monetize information and extract real-time, contextual data relevant for each of your interactions has always been the jewel in the IT crown. However, Data Lakes are struggling. Everyone has Cloud and On Prem, along with microservices, structured and unstructured data, and a proliferation of data silos. It’s a tangled mess that begs for orchestration. Knowledge Graph is that non-disruptive, missing piece of the enterprise jigsaw that is needed.


As our Knowledge Graph whitepaper explains – Knowledge Graphs are important in helping you to leave your data where it is. One of the golden rules of Data Architecture is locality. New technologies such as Knowledge Graph enable you to adhere to this golden rule. You don’t move the data and are able to leverage context in the form of metadata to develop insights.

FAANG companies rely on Knowledge Graph, as it helps to overcome a major obstacle to the evolving requirements of digitalisation – incorporating new data architectures into existing operations, so your Return on Investment, and, indeed, your Speed-to-Insight is much faster.

Marionete and Stardog (who built their Knowledge Graph platform working with NASA), go into much further detail in this Knowledge Graph whitepaper. In it, you find out:

  • How Knowledge Graph enables transparency over your information supply chain, modernising your approach to Data Access across persistent silos.
  • How to unleash Value for each of your Use Cases (this can take less than 72 hours)
  • Why Knowledge Graph is embedded in every single one of the world’s top 5 companies
  • Why Gartner included Knowledge Graph in its Hype Cycle for 2018 due to its potential for turbocharging AI.



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